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Soulful Treasures.  Mirabai is home to a brilliant collection of crystals, jewelry, statuary, scents, meditation supplies and other uplifting provisions for serene and centered living. 

Mirabai is an Energy

Our featured collections

Heavenly Crystals

We lovingly select each and every one of our magnificent crystals for exceptional energy and beauty.  Come explore our collection of earthly treasures. 

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Meaningful Jewelry

Our jewelry pieces not only convey exquisite beauty but distinct energies as well. We only select certain stones for our collection:  crystals whose frequencies support and uplift. These are talismans of light and vitality.

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Sublime Statuary

Our statues are meant to transform your home, meditation area or workplace into sacred space.  A place where you can feel serenity and peace. 

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Tune Into Mirabai

For over 30 years Mirabai has served as a vortex for inspiration and healing. 

In addition to the treasures on this site, our lovingly curated book selection, online workshops and remote private sessions provide support on your path.  

Find them all on the link below. 

And to experience the full uplifting energy that is Mirabai, we invite you to come visit us in person and feel it for yourself. 

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Mirabai of Woodstock

23 Mill Hill Road
Woodstock, NY

Mon - Sun   11am - 7pm

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